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Frostkit is a kit of Riverclan, and is played by Fricadella. She is a grey and white sealpoint she-cat with bright blue eyes.

Reason for name Edit

Frost: in honor of her father's still born sister.

-kit: traditional suffix.

-paw: traditional suffix.

-fur: for her thick fur.

History Edit

Frostkit was born in Leaf-Bare in the Riverclan nursery to Minnowleap and Stonestar. What a surprise when Thickstorm, the medicine cat, helped the queen to give birth to... Eight kitten ! Fortunately, all kits were healthy although smaller than others. Minnowleap had suffered so much due to the birth of a extra large litter and she recovered quickly and took care with love her kits since. Growing up, the kitten learnt that the most of them were named by dead family members. Frostkit was for Stonestar's sister even if she haven't been named because she was still born but Stonestar though that Frost would be her name. Dustkit was also named in honor of Dusthawk, Minnowleap's brother. Cherrykit to Cherrynose. Deerkit to Deersprint. And Blizzardkit to Blizzardnose.

When they were old enough to understand the importance of high ranks in the clan, that their father is the leader, their aunt Mousetooth the deputy and their grandfather Magpiestar the late leader before Stonestar, Frostkit was very proud of her family. But she felt a weight on her shoulders : she have to be responsible and deserving of her family too.

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Mentor: Egretleap (soon)

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Father: Stonestar

Mother: Minnowleap

Brothers: Deerkit




Sisters: Blizzardkit



Cousins: Pebblepaw