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Furzepaw is an apprentice of Windclan, and is played by Fricadella. She is a small white she-cat with ginger patches and round amber eyes.

Reason for name Edit

Furze: for her thorn claws.

-kit: traditional name.

-tail: for her determination and her good sense of balance.

History Edit

Furzekit was born in Green-leaf with her sister Silverkit. Their mother chose to name them respectively for the first, because of her thorn claws, and for the second, her pale gray-silver tabby coat. Short-tail is a brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes, and as Furzekit, she has a short-temper and strict. Being younger, she had been caugh by a badger who broke her tail so there's a half tail missing so she have been rename Short-tail by the leader. Her mate, Ashcloud is a dark gray tom with bright yellow eyes, he is a fine hunter. Their parents were very in love and young, Furzekit and Silverkit were their first litter. Ashcloud was very caring to his family and he visited them in the nursery as often as he could.

The two sisters were close and best-friends, and Silverkit made her promise that the one never let down the other and will always tell the truth. There was no secrets between them.

However, the day came when they were old enough to be apprentices. So Furzepaw and Silverpaw are a little disappointed to be separated now.

Trivia Edit

  • She had a crush on Foxclaw.

Relatives Edit

Education Edit

Mentor: Dawnstream

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Father: Ascloud

Mother: Short-tail

Sister: Silverpaw