Hollypaw is a ThunderClan Apprentice played by Panem.

Appearance Edit

A dark ginger tabby tom with a white chest and paws and amber eyes.

Personality Edit

Hollypaw is not the most outgoing of individuals. He prefers quiet and solitude to large crowds, and more often than not will shy away from social interaction. Looking from the outside in gives the apprentice an interesting perspective on life. He sees more of others than they seem to realize, noticing small details that would escape others. He has no troubles relaying these observations, either; Hollypaw will tell another cat exactly what he thinks of them if they ask, and not necessarily in the nicest way, either. He criticizes more than he realizes, and that is one of the only times when he is not shy. The large amounts of information he keeps in his brain also leads Hollypaw to forget other (arguably more useful) tidbits as well.

While there are certainly downsides to his observations, there are positives as well. The apprentice has learned quite a bit by watching. While he is not among the most intelligent cats, he has learned different strategies for dealing with other cats by watching. He understands what makes others tick, and that allows him to be adaptable in nearly every situation. If he were not so shy, he would be the ideal diplomat – blunt, but unbiased. The fact that he fears leadership as much as confrontation makes this less of an ideal position for the apprentice, but if he were taught correctly, he would find leadership suits him well.

Well, it would, if he were not such a coward. Hollypaw's solution to most every problem is to run and hide until it goes away. It has worked for him thusfar, but it's not likely to keep working much longer. The constant struggle to face his fears is just as constantly lost by the male - he's simply not strong enough, and doesn't have the willpower to want to change himself so he can look his fears in the eye, or battle them and win.