Spiderfall is a ThunderClan medicine cat played by Moonaloo.



Tall, lanky, black-and-white tom with copper eyes.


quick-witted & imaginative: spiderfall is adept at using his cleverness and imagination to solve problems; he's always abstracting and coming up with something new, and his mind is constantly buzzing with activity. his ability to innovate and find new solutions is one of his best qualities... at least when he's thinking of useful things: much of the time he's just got his head in the clouds, fantasizing about this or that.

idealistic & sweet: spiderfall has a child's heart; fiercely idealistic and compassionate, he's a quixotic stargazer who strives for perfection. while his sanguinity can be a pleasant beacon of hope in dark times, it often gets him into trouble; there's no room on a battle patrol for someone seeing through rose-colored lenses, for instance.

naïve & ignorant: as adorable as his optimism is, there's a disadvantage to his innocence. he's often (and rightly so) accused of being impractical and inefficient, unwordly and unwise. spiderfall has a tendency to be oblivious to the world around him, as well; he fails to see the lines which divide cats and clans into groups, and he refuses to acknowledge methods which are widely regarded as tried-and-true.

disorganized & absent: spiderfall is not an organized cat, physically or mentally. his nest is usually a mess, with clumps of moss strewn everywhere, and his pelt isn't much cleaner either. he tends to make up his schedule as he goes, and overall, he's rather cluttered. as far as paying attention goes, he's hardly a star either; spiderfall has his head up in the clouds more often than not.

positive: - quick-witted - imaginative - idealistic - sweet

negative - naïve - ignorant - disorganized - absent

fears: - making a crucial mistake - badgers and dogs - greencough - dying