Simba III by Fytrie

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Wolfheart is a warrior of Shadowclan, and is played by Fricadella. He is a big dark gray tom with silver underbelly and amber eyes.

Reason for name Edit

Wolf: for his gray coat and because his mother wanted to give him the wolf's strength to survive.

-kit: traditional suffix.

-paw: traditional suffix.

-heart: for his courage and his fighting skills.

History Edit

Wolfkit was born in Leaf-fall in Shadowclan territory. His mother Duskflower, a tortoiseshell she-cat with round blue eyes, didn't expect her kits born so early and she was stretching her legs out of the camp. So, she had kittens under a bramble bush but Fernkit and Mousekit died by complications during birth. Then, the queen brought her only surviving kit in Shadowclan camp, the medicine cat told her that the weak kit may not spend the night. However, Wolfkit was still alive the next day. When Duskflower's mate, Frostclaw, heard that her two daughters were dead, he blamed Wolfkit's mother for their deaths. According to him, she shouldn't have go out the nursery, so he left her. Frostclaw was a silver tabby tom with iced-blue eyes, he was a formidable fighter with a sharp tongue. Everybody knew the warrior's short temper and intolerance but all the clan was shocked how he broke with his mate, just after she lost two of her three kits ! The poor tortoiseshell and gentle she-cat cried him to stay and to apologize her but her former mate said with a frosty voice : « I want nothing to do with you from right now ».

Even if he avoids Duskflower, Frostclaw always keep an eye on his son. Wolfkit really liked him and didn't understand why his mother didn't want him to play with his father. One day, the silver gray warrior asked the leader to mentor his son but Rowanstar refused. Then, Wolfpaw was trained by another warrior, his father always besides him. The gray apprentice preferred be mentored by his father rather than his actual mentor, so there was many arguments between the two.

Wolfpaw grew up very quickly and when kittypets tortured apprentices and young warriors, Wolfpaw was chosen to teach them a lesson with other clanmates. Unfortunately, two big kittypets killed Frostclaw in the fight. Then, he received his warrior name Wolfheart for his courage and his fighting skills. But he was animated by the desire to revenge his father, so he returned to the Twoleg Nest and killed one of the two kittypets.

Moons have passed, and Wolfheart has even mentored his own apprentice and served his clan as a warrior since.

Trivia Edit

  • Frostclaw never really loved his mate, whereas Duskflower is always loving him.

Relatives Edit

Education Edit

Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice: Unknown

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Members Edit

Father: Frostclaw, a tall silver tabby with golden eyes.

Mother: Duskflower, a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes.

Sisters: Fernkit, a small mottled golden she-cat.

Mousekit, a tiny brown she-cat.